How to Find Yourself the Best Cable TV Package by Grande Communications

If you’re living in Texas, you must have heard the name of Grande communications for internet and cable services. The provider is offering solid cable plans for cable lovers with a distinctive taste. If you fall into a region in Texas where Spectrum TV packages are not available, then you should contact Spectrum cable company and ask for the solution to use their service and if still not possible then Grande’s cable plans are worth exploring.

With so many options, deciding what’s best for you can be a little overwhelming. Have no fear, this guide will help you choose the finest cable package by Grande. Let’s begin by exploring our options.

A Quick Introduction of Grande Communications

Grande Communications is an American telecommunications company based in Texas, was formed in 1999, back when cable television was far more prevalent and important than the internet. The provider offers its consumers top-notch internet, phone, and cable TV services.

Grande has grown to become one of the largest cable providers in Texas’ major cities since 2017. Even though the company is a small provider, it serves both residential and commercial customers with over 1 million customers in Texas!

What Are Your Options In Cable TV Packages?

When it comes to cable TV, Grande offers some incredible packages and prices. The perks include 290 channels, free HD, and a high-quality DVR, and the TiVo, which can take your entertainment experience to another level.

Let’s have a look at their packages:

Basic Cable Package

  • 40+ local channels
  • Grande2GO app to watch TV on the go

Preferred Cable Package

  • 220+ channels
  • Streaming with TiVo
  • 50 music channels

Premium Cable Package

  • 295+ Channels
  • MoviePlex Premium
  • Grande On Demand

The likable thing about Grande is that regardless of the service or plan you choose; you won’t be bound by long-term contracts. The cherry on top of the cake is that they have a 2-year price guarantee with no obligation to sign a contract and a 30-day money-back promise. This means for at least two years, you won’t have to worry about unwanted price hikes.

More About TiVo

I am sure you would be interested to learn more about TiVo.

You’ve probably heard a lot about DVRs and how they’re included in cable TV bundles. TiVo and DVR are the same, almost. TiVo is a DVR that connects to your television like any other DVR. However, it uses large hard drives to record your favorite titles, sporting events, and even news. It also offers on-demand titles, which means you can watch your favorite shows and movies in 4K at any time of day.

TiVo is not a product of Grande. Grande has only teamed up with TiVo to offer a full-fledged experience to its cable TV subscribers instead of relying on a typical DVR with basic features.

How to Choose the Best Cable Plan by Grande?

Now comes the tricky part – how to choose the right cable package based on your needs. To be clear, every individual has different preferences when it comes to entertainment. I have kept everything simple by outlining some factors that will help you pick a package that works for you:

What Channels Do You Watch?

There is simply no need to go for the highest tier because it comes with 295+ channels. Even if you do buy this package, you will never watch all these channels. Be realistic and list down your favorite channels (the ones you absolutely don’t want to compromise on).

Once you have your list, check if these channels are available in the basic tier. If not, move to the next tier. Chances are all your favorite channels are covered by the mid-tier.

Check Their Bundles

Who doesn’t want a good deal on a cable plan? Everyone does! Sometimes, your best bet is bundling. Why not bundle cable and internet services together and get one bill? Some companies are willing to offer a decent deal on bundling services. Make it a point to calculate how much you will be saving if you tie the services together.

Always Look for Reviews

Digging up reviews can always save you from signing up for a bad provider. Read reviews to find out about the experience of the company’s past subscribers. Customers pour their hearts out in reviews. They might have talked about their most budget-friendly plan, hidden fees, or any other information that could be useful for you in making a decision.

If all reviews are positive, this could be a sign they are paid. So, dig up deep. Explore forums like Reddit, Yelp, and Quora for discussions. This will give you lots of meaningful insight and an inside overview of what to expect.

Learn More About Customer Service

It cannot be stressed enough to check the provider’s support services. They must promptly respond to customer queries and requests.

Factor In Your Budget

Of course, make the final decision based on what you can afford. Don’t hesitate to negotiate or ask for further discounts. Who knows you might get lucky!

This should do it. You will successfully find a cable TV package that suits your lifestyle and entertainment needs.