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ESL Meaning

What is ESL Meaning

English as Second Language means the use of English by speakers who have different native languages. Also, the English language learning by different people is known as ESL too. There are also other variants as English as Foreign Language and others that are mainly dependent on your purpose for learning English and your location.

As English is settled as a standard language in many countries, so it’s knowledge is given importance in multilingual people, where they can communicate with each other easily.

There are several methods of learning English that is dependant on the student skill and to the level of proficiency, one wants to seek in speaking English. One can either learn it at home, or at an institute or even both combined.

What is ESL and Its Meaning

Learning English via any program has its own ways such as via written assignments, via verbal speaking or even via listening practices. Its dependant on how well you perceive mad respond that determines your time of learning English.

Here we will discuss the few elements of English such as:

  • Letter
  • Word
  • Sentence
  • Paragraph
  • Grammar
  • Character
  • Symbol

1. Letter

The basic building block of every lingual entity in English is a letter. In English, we have two categories of letters such as capital letters and small letters. Capital letters are mainly used for:

I pronunciation
For word Initials
For Abbreviationsletters
For people, place or Events Initials etc

Whereas the small letters are always the processors of initial capital letters in every word.
Why do we need the capital and small letters combo?
Well, this is something reasonably questioning here. The English language has two categories of letters that are easy to read when rightly used because a word with all letters capital is formed as a rectangular or square rigid shape with no letter writing fluctuations in 4 lines whereas the word written in both small and capital letters has a varying shape that is easy for readers to understand.
So a combo of both categories to sustain the beauty, readability and essence of typical English is a must track to be followed and understood.

2. Word

Words are the varying combo of different letters used to deliver some meaning. Every word has its meaning and purpose. It is the sequen


ce of words that portrays the meaning of a word. The richer your English words vocabulary gets, and you understand the right use of them, the better you are at its use and purpose. Word Jumble Solver hel

ps in finding words. There are words with specified meanings and words with similar meanings too. It’s dependant on the context mainly where the word is used. The more you enrich your vocabulary and understand the use of words, the more effective you will get in using them and being understandable.

3. Sentence

A sentence is composed of different words that are of different categories such as a noun word, an article A, The, an adjective, a verb etc. A sentence conveys something happening or a single or multiple talks.
I am a student who is a sentence.
I am a student of English among 4 native English speakers is also a sentence.
I am a student of English with little knowledge of English among 4 other native English speakers in a class is also a sentence.

Each of the sentence mentioned has a different meaning and context. A sentence is something that rightly justifies it’s mean of usage.

4. Paragraph

A paragraph is a combo of different sentences that are joined together in a paragraph form have the same purpose or have the identical meaning of usage. A paragraph can be of varying length from 2 3 lines to as many ones wants. The purpose of a paragraph is to fully deliver one meaning.

5. Grammar

Grammar is the syntax to write in English. It has its owns rules and regulations to be followed in order to rightly deliver a meaning. In order to learn and excel verbal and written English, or using it as ESL the grammar rules need to be followed. Grammar is the way or syntax that forms the right English context. A well versed and correct context delivers a higher proficiency scale in writing for the learners. Good Grammer is always good for communication Process.

6. Character

A character in the English language is basically a symbol that is typographical. Such as * ! . & Are etc are characters. Every character has a specified meaning and has its own significance. The use of characters highly delineates towards the proficiency of the English language. There is a social training on this and quicker assignments for their better utilisation are a fast way to learn them. Enjoy the Empty invisible Character for WhatsApp.

7. Symbol

Symbols are the specified entities that can be characters as well as an idea, visual or are used to represent thought. For example, a red octagon is a symbol used to represent the STOP sign, the blue lines on the map represent the rivers and are used as a symbol for it and a red rose is a symbol of love and compassion.

Jumbled Words with Answers

Rearrange the Jumbled Words with Answers

How to get answers of Jumbled Word. Very simple get the word count and make as maximum words as it can be done. Every word has a lot of opportunities to get the maximum word. Jumble Word Solver helps you for getting all desired Results. You can simply put one word and the library give you all types of a word which they have i.e from two words to 7 letter words.

16 Letter Example: AGRICULTURAL

Two Letters words from AGRICULTURAL

Basically, the word Agricultural relates with Science and Art of doing cultivating Plants and livestock. Our purpose is not to show the meaning and its detail. We just pick one word for describing how to get words from this. It is 16 letter one word and now we will find maximum words from this letters

Following are the Available Two words Letter in Agricultural

  1. ag, it is adjective
  2. ar Abbreviation of Arabic
  3. ai
  4. al
  5. at
  6. aa
  7. it
  8. ut
  9. la
  10. li
  11. ta
  12. ti

Three Letters:

Below is the list of some 3 letter words which are available in that 16 letter word. there are a lot of words but we pick few words.

  • aga
  • arc
  • art
  • air
  • ail
  • ait
  • act
  • alt
  • ala
  • all
  • aal
  • gar
  • gal
  • gat
  • git
  • gul
  • gut
  • rag
  • rat
  • ria
  • rig
  • rug
  • rut
  • il
  • car
  • cat
  • cur
  • cut
  • ulu
  • uta
  • lag
  • lar
  • lac
  • lat
  • lit
  • lug
  • tag
  • tar
  • tau
  • tic
  • til
  • tug,tui

Four Letters  Jumbled Words with Answers:

4 Letter words which come from Agriculrual word. You may Get Multiple word Jumble solver from this tool. From start to end how many words are available ? Below is the list which show the results. Every word have its own meaning and it does means all are related to Agricultural.

  • agar
  • aril
  • aria
  • airt
  • acta
  • aura
  • alga
  • alit
  • alar
  • gait
  • gaur
  • gala
  • gall
  • grat
  • grit
  • girl
  • girt
  • gilt,

Five Letters:

Few list of Fiver letter words which helps you to understand Jumbles word Answers. These are not all words but we for your better understand mentioned some related and available words.

  • agria
  • argil
  • arga
  • artal
  • acari
  • augur

Six Letters:

Below is the list of some Available 6 letters from Agricultural for your understanding

  • agaric
  • argali
  • actual
  • alular
  • atrial
  • garlic
  • gallic
  • guaiac
  • guitar
  • racial
  • rictal
  • ritual
Communication Processes

Communication Processes and Its 6 Elements


Communication! A process that is incorporated into our everyday life and moving forward without it seems impossible. Communication brings people together, generates new ideas, and set new records. Therefore, we can conclude that it is one of the most important human processes. Now, there are a few aspects that you need to consider when you are trying to understand the significance of communication. Here is a list:

Smooth Coordination

We cannot imagine a world without any kind of communication. It is as old as humans. The communication processes have become more advanced, easy, and adaptable. Now, they have become the soul of every profession. There are mentors to explain the idea of communication specifically for each profession since communication is the key to smooth coordination. No institution can survive without effective communication now.


The continuity of workflow is also ensured through effective communication. This is where the sender has to be more careful since he sends one signal wrong, the workflow will be affected drastically. Taking help from a mentor when the communication process is a bit complicated is not going to hurt anyone. In fact, it will make the whole communication process very easy.

Promotes Peace & Harmony

The place where messages are flowing around peacefully can be considered a happy place since the psychological aspects of the surroundings will be adjustable and adaptable. There will be room for influence, motivation, and satisfaction that will keep the morale of those highly involved in the communication.

A Successful Decision Making

Communication and most importantly transparent communication processes guarantee successful decision-making. It can help the receiver as well as the sender to make the right decisions. It means both parties are going to yield results from effective communication.

Communication Process Elements

Now, that you have understood the importance of communication, you need to understand its process elements to understand this complicated idea. Following are the elements of the communication process:

1. Sender

A sender is a source that creates and generates the message. This source can be a person, a group of people, or an organization. This source is the one who initiates the communication process.

If you want to send an email, you are the SENDER.

Things To Keep In Mind: A sender should be prepared before time. The sender should be clear about the message before time. More so, the tiger audience/receiver should also be kept in mind.

2. Message

The message is the idea being communicated by the sender. This message can be in the form of a feeling, idea, set of ideas, and views. This message is then communicated further to another source as directed by the sender. Word Solver Helps for getting the right Word.

Example: The note or the facts you want to exchange in the email will be the MESSAGE.

Things To Keep In Mind: When it comes to the message, the message should have all those elements that can incorporate the right message directed to the receiver.

3. EncodingEncoding

This is one of the most significant steps of the whole communication process. This is where the thought or the idea or the set of ideas is turned into a form that will be communicated to the source directed. This conversion can be in the form of words, pictures, gestures, and texts.

Example The text of the email will be included in encoding.

Things To Keep In Mind: Want to succeed in this complicated step? Make sure to research well. Research is the key here. This where you can use your creativity since this step is going to predict the reach of your message. The research and creativity should be blended together to give a drastically impactful message.

4. Media

The form in which the message is communicated is the media. These messages can be in the form of emails, text messages, speech, video, face-to-face meeting, or a photograph. This media will navigate the effectiveness of the communication process and this is something that often requires time and investment.

Example The medium for exchanging a note for example in the office is email and therefore emails are the media for sharing information.

Things To Keep In Mind: Again, research is the key! Make sure to choose a medium that is used by the majority of the receivers. Language and gestures are also important. Make sure the media and the encoding of the message sync with each other.

5. Receiver

This is the person, a group, or an organization at the other end who has to receive the message. In most of the cases, the receiver is decided by the sender before time and the media is according to it. The purpose of communication is only successful once the receiver understands the message properly.

Example: The target audience of the message for example the employees of an organization receiving an email are the receivers.

Things To Keep In Mind: The receiver has to be identified. You might need to outsource a research company or you can do a survey depending on the number of receivers. Make sure to invest time as well as money while identifying the receivers.

6. Feedback

This is where you are going to get the result of the carefully and smartly designed communication process. This can be in the form of gestures, stories, songs, etc. This is an important step as it will give you an idea if the communication process was effective or not and if the same process and techniques can be implemented in the future or not.

Example The response of the email can be called feedback.

Things To Keep In Mind: Make sure to record the feedback as it will help you analyze the problems in all the other important communication processes. Never underestimate the power of feedback.

Whenever you are planning the communication campaign, make sure to give time to each process. Each process will require attention to detail. This is not only restricted to big media campaigns. Messages on a low level can also be watched carefully. The last thing to remember is that it is all up to you. There are different types of Cross Word Games which helps in the good communication process.